Человек в мире культуры.
Региональные культурологические исследования
Содержание №2/3 (21) 2017
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A. V. Antoshin
The fate of the "circle of Mayakovsky" in Stalin's and Khrushchev's Soviet Union: David Burliuk and the soviet intellectuals in the 1940s – 1950s
O. Ya. Bakhareva
Social status, everyday life and culture of the first wave of russian emigration (1917 – 1923)
I. E. Bobrik
The practice of red ritualism as part of soviet everyday life of early 1920s (the case of “revolutionary baptism” ceremonies in Yenisey guberniya in 1923)
The image of the revolution in the mass of poetry of the Urals 1917-1920s
английская версия
I. E. Vasilyev
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A. L. Avdeyenko
A. A. Shledovets
Memorealization of the revolution and its heroes in a provincial city (the case study of Kurgan)
L. A. Budrina
A. A. Bushuyeva
Russian malachite in the collections of the american billion-aires: from world exhibitions to the soviet sales 1920s–1930s
L. I. Gavrilova
“Proletkult” as seen by V. F. Khodasevich
Socio-political views of orthodox clergy as reflected in church jounalism of 1917 (based on “Tobolskiye eparchialnye vedomosti” archive)
K. A. Gileva
I. A. Golovnev
E. V. Golovneva
“New” world and its heroes in the works kasli art casting from pig-iron 1920-1930s
The fate of the eastern collection of the merchant of Turinsk S. A. Chirkov in the revolutionary and post-revolutionary years
The construction of the images of the regions of the USSR in the soviet kulturfilm
Z. A. Gumerova
G. P. Fedotov on national consciousness under revolutionary conditions
I. V. Darenskaya
Revolutionary holidays as a way of militarization social consciousness in the Urals in the first years of soviet power: methodological aspect
V. V. Demenova
S. T. Gunba
A. B. Eliseev
The concept of “the image of Lenin” in discursive practices the first half of the 1920s
N. I. Zhuravleva
S. V. Melnikova
Yekaterinburg - Sverdlovsk: the transformation the image of the city
P. L. Zaitsev
The man of labour and self-denial of the soviet intelligentsia: to analyze the transcripts of the meetings of the all-union di-rector's conference (15-20 June 1939)
E. A. Zamov
The political ideas of the italian futurists
A. V. Ivanov
Russian political culture and the revolution of 1917
Е. V. Ivanova
Old and new cultural heroes: the problem of finding the “myth of the hero” in modern russian socio-political context
G. K. Ignatyeva
On some characteristics of russian avant-garde
V. S. Kovalyova
Religious philrepresentation of the cultural meanings of 1917 revolution in religio-philosophical discourse (N. A. Berdyaev, I. A. Ilyin, S. L. Frank)
A. S. Korobeynikov
Imagining Alash: constructing kazakh nation within the con-text of imperial crisis, 1905–1917
Ju. B. Kostyakova
Poetry of the revolutionary epoch as a phenomenon media cultures (based on the materials of the «Sybirskiye Zapiski» (“Annals of Siberia”)
O. S. Kryukova
Art reflection of the ideology of new revolutionary holidays in the creativity of V.V. Mayakovsky
I. I. Kurakina
1917 revolution and professional education in traditional applied art
T. S. Martynenko
Soviet festivals as a method of construction new social identity
O. V. Moreva
Practices of reading in the years of the russian revolution
S. N. Nekrasov
Meeting V. I. Lenin and G. D. Wells: how did the fabian utopian and revolutionary realist assess the connection between revolution and culture
E.V. Obshcheva
The history of the formation of the soviet cinema system in the post-revolutionary period (1917-1940)
T. A. Semenova
A. S. Pushkin as the symbol of lost Russia: the memory about the poeт in Harbin russian emigre community
K. E. Sitnichenko
Notes on the russian revolution (from the works of emigrants of “first wave”)
E. E. Stolyarova
The development of soviet educational system as a bolshevik propaganda tool
A. V. Tantsevova
Soviet festival as a tool of cultural and ideological development in 1920s (the case study of the “Ogonyok” magazine)
N. P. Fokin
On the “nonsymmetric” outcome of the experiencing and reflection by A. Grin of the russian revolution
V. V. Kharitonov
The first elements of the post-revolutionary culture
A. A. Chausova
Folk dolls in post-revolutionary Russia: the ransformation of socio-cultural semantics
A. V. Chevardin
Poles in the Urals in the age of wars and revolutions (1914–1924)
C.-J. Gomes
Chinese contemporary art after the cultural revolution: the biennial movement
A. S. Ignatova
A photographic “underground” as a factor of the information revolution in the national media culture of the ХХ century
A. N. Ilyin
The culture of consumption and the environment: problems of interaction
P. S. Koruchkina
Ethnization and methods of forming ethnic stereotypes
E. V. Mamurkov
The meanings of “society” in public discourse  (1985–2000s)
A. V. Pestova
“Third places” of the third millenium: revolution in work and leisure space
A. A. Pichuyeva
Rethinking classical heritage through the everyday culture of 1990s (the case study of Boris Eifman’s “Onegin”)
К. D. Plotnikov
Electronic music in the context of russian cultural life of 1990s
A. N. Pruzhinin
The concept “individualism” in public discourse (1985 – 2016)
A. S. Temlyakova
Kira Muratova: art and chaos of 1990s
D. N. Tetushkin
The problems of self-identification of russian musicians in early 1990s as a result of the cultural paradigm shift
K. A. Troychun
“Traces” of sovetism: contemporary memories of perm residents about 1980s
M. G. Fedorova
Audio-visual social advertising in 1990s Russia
E. V. Yurkova
The transformation of reading culture in post-soviet Russia
A. O. Beltyukov
Computerization of russian musical education: the outcomes
A. V. Beljaev
Сadet formation in Russia: the search for the ways of the renovation
M. V. Bitter
N. A. Simbirtseva
Computerization of russian musical education: the outcomes
I. V. Gordeeva
Humanitarisation of education in russian universities: needs and realities
A. A. Gordienko
The program of joint networking projects of preschool educational organizations with social partners as a resource for  formation of mental, moral and socio-cultural values of preschool children on the basis of the cossack cadet component
A. Yu. Zagvozdina
Value orientations of the cadet (for the study of values of students “Yekaterinburg Cadet Corps”)
V. R. Kerimova
On the role of extracurricular activities in education socio-cultural norms among younger teens
N. A. Kirillova
E. S. Ulyanova
Methodological aspects of russian language teaching in the classes of mathematical disciplines
M. V. Pankina 
R. A. Khmelev
Problems of the development of decorative and applied art: continuity and training
D. N. Popov
Patriotic and moral education in post modern society
Т. А. Sadkowa
The contents of cultural and educational activities
E. A. Fedyakova
Russian library network in 1990s:  the problems of informatization
N. S. Shulga
Оpen education as a practice of the XXIth century
A. A. Murzin
Life of the Eminent of great Urals: D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak
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